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In social CRM, Marketing, Community Management, or whatever aspect of online networking you are a part of there is always one thing that matters. The people that you interact with, the people you talk to, Retweet, however you decide to be “a part of the conversation” are all potentials. A potential client, a potential friend, really the potentials are huge.

Nurturing your online relationships is just like handling any other relationship. Online or offline the way we compose ourselves and handle situations is a genuine reflection of character. As someone who works mainly in maintaining these online relationships – even with people whom I have not met in person – is a trait that I take pride in. As many others can vouch, the relationships will build translate for business, long-term friends, or maybe even more.

The point that I’m hoping to drive home is that if you’re changing personas from what someone knows of you online into someone completely different (multiple personality disorder?) then whatever relationship you have built with that person online essentially gets shattered when the “IRL” meeting happens.

I Tweeted a few days back saying that I will do my best to never bullshit anyone. I do my best to be truthful, honest, and if that relates to sometimes coming across as hostile, for that I apologize.

The relationships that one manages every day, matter. As people connected in a social, online atmosphere we’re entrusted to be the same person wherever we are, whoever we interact with. One of the best, and possibly funniest examples I have come across recently is by my friend Phil Buckley (@1918). Read the comments on his post. As more people chimed in for the comments, the true reality of online relationships became more and more apparent.

As relationships get built, so does trust; what relationship ever works without trust? Build trust, build relationships, build social.

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