Greg de Lima. Student. Blogger. Passionate future business leader. It’s hard to describe Greg de Lima in just a few words, but one thing is clear: Greg de Lima brings a unique perspective and steadfast personal drive to everything he does.

As the middle child between an older brother and younger sister, Greg has experienced both ends of having siblings. Mix that with the strong ties he has to his Brazilian heritage and the recipe was set for a culturally rich upbringing. Even today, Greg enjoys traveling immensely and dreams of seeing all the world has to offer. Along with having a wonderful appreciation of enjoying life, Greg understands the intricate relationship between being unique and universal. As a result, an interest in marketing and personal branding seemed only obvious to his friends and family.

Today Greg is spending his junior year of his undergraduate studies at Appalachian State University in a study abroad programmed based at the Universidad de Alicante in Alicante, Spain. He is studying International Business and enjoying the chance to travel when his schedule allows it. As a result of being fluent in Spanish, Greg is taking full advantage of his opportunities and taking courses in Spanish.

After graduation, Greg plans on entering the business world as an entrepreneur but if the right situation makes itself visible, Greg is open to new experiences and exploring new worlds.

Written by Brian Joyner

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